Introducing the UK’s First All-Inclusive Golf Tournament


The Golf Group, in collaboration with England Deaf Golf, is proud to announce the UK’s first All-Inclusive Golf Tournament. This groundbreaking event aims to bring together the deaf community in Cheshire for a day of inclusive golfing experiences. Hosted at the beautiful High Legh Golf Club, the tournament caters to both children and adults, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the sport in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Addressing the Need for Inclusivity:

With estimates revealing that a significant number of individuals in Cheshire East are living with hearing loss, England Deaf Golf and The Golf Group recognised the importance of creating opportunities for the deaf community. Aiming to bridge the gap, they have organised a special event scheduled for July 26th, which promises to be a milestone in inclusive golfing experiences.

Morning Session: Family Golf Morning:

The morning session will kick off with a Family Golf morning from 9:30 am to 1 pm. This segment of the event caters to all ages and skill levels, offering a wide range of activities. Participants can engage in various challenges, such as testing their skills against the goalkeeper, taking advantage of complimentary driving range lessons, participating in the Long Drive Championship, and experiencing the pressure putt challenge. To ensure effective communication, interpreters will be available throughout the morning, ensuring that every participant can fully engage in the activities.

Afternoon Session: All-Inclusive Golf Tournament:

The highlight of the day will be the UK’s first All-Inclusive Golf Tournament, taking place in the afternoon. This tournament brings together individuals with disabilities, able-bodied participants, professional golfers, amateurs, and even non-golfers, fostering an environment of inclusivity and camaraderie. Notably, the tournament will feature the participation of amputee golfer George Blackshaw, who will join forces with deaf golfers, professionals, grandparents with their grandchildren, and newcomers to the sport. The aim is to create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the thrill of playing a full inclusive golf tournament.

A Commitment to Engage the Community:

Rod Oaten, Chairman of England Deaf Golf, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, highlighting the collaborative efforts required to make it possible. The event will be delivered with the support of a team of deaf-led golf Activators who serve as inspiring role models, combining their performing and visual skills with spoken or sign language. By raising the bar with engaging events, England Deaf Golf and The Golf Group are committed to serving the community’s needs and fostering a sense of unity among all participants.

Promoting Golf for All Abilities:

The morning event is open to individuals of all ages and abilities, from those who have never picked up a golf club to regular players. It promises to be a fun-filled morning, uniting golf enthusiasts from the surrounding deaf communities. The event is free of charge and open to anyone with hearing loss. To secure your spot, visit and register for the event.

Join the All-Inclusive Golf Tournament:

The All-Inclusive Golf Tournament in the afternoon welcomes participants of all backgrounds and abilities. Whether you are an experienced golfer or have never played before, this tournament invites you to join in the celebration of inclusivity and diversity in golf. To sign up for the tournament, please visit


England Deaf Golf and The Golf Group’s partnership has paved the way for the UK’s first All-Inclusive Golf Tournament, designed to provide an inclusive and enjoyable golfing experience for individuals with hearing loss. By bringing together the deaf community in Cheshire, this groundbreaking event not only encourages participation in golf but also celebrates the spirit of inclusivity. With both the morning and afternoon sessions being free to attend, the event truly embodies the vision of accessible golf for everyone. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the UK’s first all-inclusive golf tournament.

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For groups over 5 please contact us directly

In the afternoon we are hosting

All for Golf
Inclusivity Tournament

26th July 2023
High Legh Golf Club, Cheshire WA16 0WA
Would any of your party be interested in playing in the tournament. Please fill this in and someone will contact you.

Register for the UK’s First Golf Inclusivity Tournament

26th July 2023
High Legh Golf Club, Cheshire WA16 0WA

We believe that golf should be available and accessible to everyone.

Join us on the 26th July 2023 for the first UK tournament of its kind, where we bring together professional and amateur golfers with individuals who have never played before.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, this fun competition is for you. Taking around 90 minutes to play, it's a great way to celebrate the health and wellbeing benefits of golf while having a blast.
The event is a pairs competition, where golfers will hit the shots to the green and non-golfers will finish the hole by putting the ball in the hole. But don't worry if you don't have a partner - you can sign up on your own and we'll pair you with a fun teammate.
This format allows for limitless combinations, making it a great opportunity for parents to play with their children, disabled individuals to compete against Tour Professionals, and everyone in between. So why not join us for the first event of its kind and celebrate golf as an inclusive sport for all.

Register your interest in taking part and we will be in touch